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Full Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow - A Review

Full Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow is made with 100% cotton so you will get maximum comfort. The transitional pillow includes unique characteristics which include pillowcase and bolsters. It could be kept very easily.

It could be disassembled into 3 units quite easily. You may unzip the U shaped pillow really readily. The pillow will not clump under any circumstances plus it may undergo conventional washing conditions.
The curved nature of the pillow allows babies to be fed by moms in a comfortable position. Its weight is 1 pound.

The machine washable cotton pregnancy pillow is a good strength for nursing mothers. By using Complete Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow mothers can love side sleeping bearings considerably. It's The pose proposed by gynecologists.


  • Strong support for baby as well as mommy
  • The two pillows will distribute into a queen size bed
  • No scope for dust mites.
  • Hygienic filling material and free from odors
  • Can withstand repeated washing without clumping relives you from back pain, prevents swelling in legs
  • Great layout to look after pregnant woman's stress


  • The size is small
  • Should handle carefully while washing

Snoogle Smart Jersey Absolute Body Pillow

There are a number of facets to check into when looking for pregnancy pillows: Size, shape, cost, softness, etc. However among the most important is cover material, what you will be in direct contact featuring all night.

Some of the most comfortable covers out there is on the Snoogle Total Body Pillow in Knit Jersey.

Its feeling is far better than any of the cotton/polyester combinations that are usually found with several other pillows, soft from your skin and nonirritating.

snoogle posh jerseyThe unique contour of the pillow already makes cuddling perfect but the updated cover improves comfortability more than you could imagine.

The cover can help you fall asleep as well as the design of the pillow will help you remain asleep. I am 5'4" and usually sleep on my back; this pillow fits my physique and size perfectly and helps me to sleep on my side for the well-being of my infant.

I will see how if you're a few inches taller or shorter than I, the pillow wouldn't fit your body perfectly. Any woman of a normal stature would contour perfectly to the size and shape of the Snoogle.

It's really comfortable to tuck the bottom end of the pillow under my belly and have the bottom arch part between my knees.

snoogle chic jersey This made it easy for the rest of the pillow to curve around my back and then I possibly could tuck my shoulder below the very best and hug the rest of the pillow between my arms.

No matter which way you sleep with this particular pillow, the unique design supports your hips, back, and tummy which relieves multiple pregnancy pains.
I no longer have a constantly aching back or swelling feet and sore.

Being able to tuck the pillow between your knees also helps with temperature control.
It prevents overheating throughout the night which undoubtedly kept me from awaking before my alarm went off.

The pillow also includes an easy on and easy off zipped pillow case. I myself am somewhat of a clean freak so I wash my pillow case and sheet almost every other week.

I don't struggle with removing the case at all and it's machine washable so that's suitable. It doesn't shrink or pill and has remained soft for months.